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For family and kids

Mobiusea is about improving people's lives for the better.

Life with Mobiusea

Mobiusea is dedicating to improve lives with everlasting innovation, imagination, and intelligence.

Mobiusea Party!

Mobiusea Party offers an ’all-in-one-box’ solution with popular themed party supplies, mainly focusing on popular themes such as character parties, milestone birthdays, movies themes, as well as party kits for many other special occasions like holidays, graduations, and seasons. 

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Momars! Let's Learn & Play

Momars explores educational kits and toys with learn & play features. Safety certificates and testing results are the top-tier design priority for all the Momars products. 

`Learning by playing' to family and kids

`Safety' focused design by Mobiusea

Mobiusea Party

Party sets and supplies


Educational toys and kits


Portable fan for better summertime

Moomet! Mobiusea Design & Technology

Moomet mainly includes consumer electronic devices for family and kids, such as mini & portable & stroller fan and white noise machine.


By dreaming up a snowball/comet during the summertime, it comes with Moomet - a portable fan with a long ‘frozen’ tail and an illuminated ‘snow’ head.


It brings your family and kids a breeze day, and a dim-light environment to help your baby sleep and feel safer at night.

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Survey by Mobiusea

"A stroller fan is recommended for taking a baby to Disney Parks."


"The average bedtime for the children was 8:27 p.m., and in their dim-light “caves,” with no bright light to interfere"


"80% fell asleep within five minutes in response to white noise..."

Arch Dis Child. 1990;65(1):135–137

"The early years (birth through age 6) are a critical time to set a strong foundation for a child ..."

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Car seat & Stroller





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Patented Design - Moomet                                 (US29728730)

Moomet is designed with meticulous attention to details for Every Single Function, only Moomet monopod itself approved from over 50+ different material combination test versions and meet strict test over 1000+ times.

By playing with the bendable `tail’, Moomet can be easily located on an office desk, attached with a yard fence/tree/bench, and more important, can be mounted with babies/kids’ crib, stroller, wagon, scooter, bicycle/tricycle, etc.