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Awesome Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2020!

As an unusual year of 2020, it is going to be a different experience to celebrate Halloween party than it was last year. Mobiusea team is dedicating to provide you awesome ways that you can still enjoy the special time of year with social distancing and a stay-home feast. Having fun with our selected products to your Halloween 2020!

Front-door Decor

When it comes to Halloween decor, your first thought might be carved pumpkins and spooky banners. Apart from those, in 2020 some novel ideas that would make your front-door decor stand out are necessary, for example, a scary big spider and colorful elements which can be easily seen from a little far distance. Additionally, to have some outdoor leaf bags with pumpkin decors can add a little more scare factor to enhance your curb appeal. Though knocking on doors for trick-or-treating might be missing, a special decor can help kids safely wish neighbors a happy Halloween from social distance!

DIY Activities in Halloween

Instead of a trick-or-treating occasion, family and kids can have fun with the DIY Mini Pumpkin Decorating Kit, including black cat, mummy, vampire, and Frankenstein’s monster. Four mini pumpkins with paper cups, cutouts, and double-stick tape are included to help your kids show their creativity for designing and decorating the pumpkins.

A Special Stay-Home Halloween

As other yearly holidays, a catered dinner or a buffet is one of the best things to family and friends. You can simply shop a collection of Halloween decorations and tableware at Mobiusea Party, including but not limited to table cover, paper plates, cups, plastic cutler, napkins, as well as balloons, banners, and fringe garland.

Wish you and your family a wonderful Halloween of 2020 – Mobiusea Team!

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